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Criminal Lawyer in Fort Worth, TX

If you've been charged with a criminal offense in Fort Worth, TX, a criminal lawyer from the Law Office of D. Andee Russell will strive to put your mind at ease and provide you with the legal representation you need. Through our personal care and interest in protecting the rights of our clients, our goal is to bring competent criminal law services to each person who comes to us for help.

Along with offering quality services, we believe in building real relationships with our clients through our reliability and stellar customer service. When you come to us, you can expect:

  • More than 17 years in the industry
  • Free initial consultations and case evaluations
  • Convenient hours and easy appointment scheduling

When you're facing charges for drug crimes, sex crimes, DUIs, white collar crimes, or violent crimes in Fort Worth, TX, a criminal lawyer from our office could be the ideal solution. When investigating your case, conducting all the necessary interviews, and negotiating on your behalf, our goal is to provide you with the advice and representation you require. Call us today at the Law Office of D. Andee Russell to schedule an appointment.